Strings and string functions In C

What is String in C ?

String is a collection of characters. There are two ways to declare string in c language.

1. By char array

2. By string literal

  • Header file

#include<string.h> // used to perform string functions

  • Declaring string by char array
char c[4]={'g','o','o','d'};


  • Declaring string by string literal
char c[]="morning";


[php]#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>
void main ()
char c1[11]={‘g’,’o’,’o’,d’};
char c2[]="morning";
printf("Char Array Value : %s\n", c1);
printf("String Literal Value : %s\n", c2);


[code]Char Array Value: good  Literal Value is: morning[/code]

String Functions

No. Function Description
1) strlen(string_name) Returns the length of string name.
2) strcpy(destination, source) Copies the contents of source string to destination string.
3) strcat(first_string, second_string) Concats or joins first string with second string. The result of the string is stored in first string.
4) strcmp(first_string, second_string) Compares the first string with second string. If both strings are same, it returns 0.

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