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Hyperlinks in HTML

Paras Guglani- February 3, 2020

Hyperlinks in HTML Many people associate web pages with hyperlinks, i.e. the ability to navigate from one page to another page. In HTML, hyperlinks (also called ... Read More

Comments In HTML

Paras Guglani- February 3, 2020

Comments in HTML It can be helpful to include comments in HTML documents that are not displayed but help readers of the underlying markup text you to ... Read More

Line breaks in HTML

Paras Guglani- February 3, 2020

HTML markup largely ignores line breaks within marked up files. Instead, if you want to insert a line breaks you need to insert a <br> ... Read More

Introduction to HTML

Paras Guglani- January 29, 2020

HTML :  Hypertext Markup Language   HTML consists of a series of elements HTML elements are represented by tags We can create a static website ... Read More