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C programs Example’s

Paras Guglani- September 16, 2019

C program to print 0-100 numbers #include <stdio.h> int main() { int n,i; printf("enter the count"); scanf("%d",&n); for (i=0;i<=n;i++) { printf("%d",i); } } Output enter ... Read More

Structures and Unions in C

Paras Guglani- September 15, 2019

In C programming , a structure is a collection of heterogeneous elements under a same name. Define struct structureName { dataType member1; dataType member2; ... ... Read More

Lifecycle of C program

Paras Guglani- September 15, 2019

A computer program goes through many phases from its development to execution. From the human readable format (source code) to binary encoded computer instructions (machine ... Read More

Dynamic memory allocation (malloc,calloc,realloc)

Paras Guglani- September 15, 2019

In dynamic memory allocation,The required memory size is allocated while program is getting executed. Memory is allocated on demand, under control of the programmer. It ... Read More

Pointers In C

Paras Guglani- September 5, 2019

What are Pointers in C It is a variable which is used to store the address of another variable in other words you can ay ... Read More

Strings and string functions In C

Paras Guglani- September 5, 2019

What is String in C ? String is a collection of characters. There are two ways to declare string in c language. 1. By char array 2. ... Read More

Functions In C Programming

Paras Guglani- September 5, 2019

What are Functions in C? Function is the collection of statements which is used to perform some specific task. It provides code reusability and code optimization. Syntax ... Read More

Loops In C programming

Paras Guglani- September 1, 2019

In C programs if user want to execute block of code several times here loops are other words loops are used to excecute block ... Read More

Flow Charts In C language

Paras Guglani- August 4, 2019

Flow Charts Are very Important in C language . These helps in understand the programs  more Easily . Flow charts are meant for this in ... Read More

Number System in Computers | Types of Number System | Use and Importance

Paras Guglani- August 3, 2019

In Computer Architecture we have 4 Types of Number System and their Conversions . Computer does not understand English or any language .the only language ... Read More